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Lincoln Highway
vs. Route 66
· The Lincoln Highway vs. Route 66

Newspaper Articles
· America's Main Street: Lincoln Highway left its mark
Oakland Tribune;
October 19, 1997
· Lincoln Highway's ghosts echo from many roads, byways
Oakland Tribune;
October 19, 1997
· Ambition paved the way
Oakland Tribune;
October 19, 1997

Here is a comparison between the Lincoln Highway and its younger, more famous cousin, Route 66.

  Lincoln Highway Route 66
Became official in: 1913 1926
Terminal cities New York
San Francisco
Santa Monica (next to Los Angeles)
Original length 3389 miles
5454 km
2448 miles
3618 km
Primary proponent Henry Joy Cyrus Avery
Contemporary comment The traveler may shed tears as he drives down the shady vista of the Lincoln Highway, or dream dreams as he speeds over a sunlit path on the Jefferson Highway, or see noble visions as he speeds across an unfolding ribbon that bears the name of Woodrow Wilson. But how in the world can a man get a kick out of 46 or 55 or 33 or 21?
—Lexington (Ky.) Herald, c. 1927
"Get Your Kicks On Route 66"
—song written by Bobby Troup
Used as a backdrop for: A radio show, "Lincoln Highway," 1940 to 1942 A TV show, "Route 66," 1960 to 1964
Routes into which highway was originally split up U.S. 1, U.S. 30, U.S. 30N, U.S. 30S, U.S. 530, U.S. 40, U.S. 50 I-55, I-44, I-40, I-15, I-10
Lost "official" significance in: 1928 1985

Ironically, while the terminal cities of Route 66 are no longer connected by a single highway, the terminal cities of the Lincoln Highway are — by Interstate 80.

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